I made it to my parents

I made it to my parents.

[Sun, Aug 18 2002 – 12:10] Matthew (email) horray. now all you need to do is avoid suidice bombers until you leave israel, then duck shards of crashing plates in andros moving on to narrowly avoid islamic cells in serbia as you pass through the floodwaters (and neo-nazis) in poland by when you can finally reach sweden and the tranquility of alcholism and very stinky fish products. sounds super.

[Mon, Aug 19 2002 – 10:01] ilan rubin (www) (email) dear stephan,

just wanted to touch base.hope you are having a great time,ilan.

[Mon, Aug 19 2002 – 12:15] mike strassel (email) dear stehan,glad you made it,and i hope you are having a good time.whats the weather like there,mike

[Tue, Aug 20 2002 – 02:47] upPINGton (email) THERE WILL BE NO PLATE SMASHING AT MY WEDDING. ok? no pinning money on the bride either.

[Tue, Aug 20 2002 – 09:09] upPINGton (www) (email) The following, however, are permissible: (1) copping off with the bridesmaids; (2) getting exceedingly drunk and throwing up in the shrubbery; (3) getting a bit confused and turning up an hour late; (4) falling into the wedding cake; (5) mistaking the ouzo for water and taking a large gulp, with predictable results; (6) telling a random wedding guest exactly what you really think of the bride, before finding out that you’re talking to her mother; (7) making rabbit-ears on top of the head of the person in front of you in all the photographs in which you appear; (8) all of the above.

[Tue, Aug 20 2002 – 09:10] Felix (www) (email) Sorry, the above was by me, not by Eurof…

[Wed, Aug 21 2002 – 02:02] Stefan (email) Can we pin telecom stock certificates on the groom? Preferably with staple guns?

[Wed, Aug 21 2002 – 07:54] Rosa Emilia (email) hooray! you made it.

[Wed, Aug 21 2002 – 10:36] upPINGton (email) this really is uppington, and felix is right, all the above are allowed. except for falling into the cake, and that only because there isn’t one.

[Wed, Aug 21 2002 – 12:17] Matthew (email) no cake? what do you mean, no cake?

[Wed, Aug 21 2002 – 12:32] upPINGton (email) no cakes at greek weddings. no cakes for you to fall into. no cake.

[Wed, Aug 21 2002 – 12:59] Felix (www) (email) I feel a film script coming on…


Alright here?


No, we’re closing in a minute.


We’re leaving in a minute. Alright here?

Miss B:

What do you want?

*He sits down at the table and makes a rather perfunctory examination of the



We’ll have tea and cake.

*An elderly Greek man comes across to their table.*

Elderly man:

Did you hear her? She said she’d closed. What do you want in here?


Cake and tea. What’s it got to do with you?


I happen to be the proprietor. Now, will you leave?

[Wed, Aug 21 2002 – 17:22] Matthew (www) (email) cake. not coming unless there will be a promise of cake.

[Thu, Aug 22 2002 – 02:42] upPINGton (email) sure. i promise cake. we’ll get one specially for you. one special cake for a special boy coming right up!

[Thu, Aug 22 2002 – 07:25] *g stefan – what is going on? a cake? hmm.. BBQ? yammm…a movie? again?..

[Thu, Aug 22 2002 – 10:05] Matthew (www) (email) why won’t there be plate smashing?

[Thu, Aug 22 2002 – 12:31] Tonje Felix, is Stefan “I”?

[Thu, Aug 22 2002 – 13:45] Felix (www) (email) Tonje, Stefan’s not drunk, he’s a multi-millionaire!

[Thu, Aug 22 2002 – 17:15] Camberwell Carrot (www) (email) (more Geens & I)

Here, hair. Hair, here. Ah, here hair here.

[Thu, Aug 22 2002 – 18:23] Tonje rhaama rhaama

[Thu, Aug 22 2002 – 19:09] Felix (www) (email) who’s hair’s here? how here hair here? have here HARE, here. hairy!

[Fri, Aug 23 2002 – 10:54] Matthew (www) (email) geens ghair ghere

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