Expo2010 – a photographic preview

Monday, April 5 was Tomb Sweeping Day across China, and it happened to be a beautiful spring day in Shanghai. With only 2 weeks left before the public dress rehearsals for Expo, most of the Expo grounds were undergoing a final push towards readiness.

In front of the Swiss pavilion

These images are from a walk I took around the western half of the Expo grounds during the afternoon. Already, there were quite a few civilians on the grounds; they must have procured a temporary pass somehow or other. The wonders of guanxi!

I’ve geotagged the images, and put them on Google Maps. The current satellite image in Google Maps for the area is from October 4, 2009, showing the state of construction almost exactly 6 months ago.

Check out the larger map, or else see the same set on Flickr here.
View Expo2010 – a preview in a larger map

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