About me

About me: 
Stefan Geens ID photoBelgian but born in Switzerland, I lead a peripatetic life. I have lived and loved New York but feel at home in cities everywhere. I’m currently in Stockholm after two years in Cairo and two years in Shanghai and Beijing.

My interests include panoramic photography, astronomy and mathematics. My photographs are on Flickr, on 360 Cities and on Gigapan.

You can find me on Twitter as @stefangeens.

About this site:
I began writing here 2001 while living in New York in the early days of blogging. Between 2002-2007 my site served as a vehicle for short essays while I came to grips with Sweden. From 2007 to until 2013, entries became fewer and focused more on life updates and travel impressions. These older posts are now gathered in a separate archive, preserving their original formatting.